Seo Hierarchy Of Needs

When considering what would motivate employees to work better, Maslow created a hierarchy of needs. The same concept can be applied to SEO; the hierarchy of needs is the five main things which make an SEO marketing campaign functional. Without fulfilling this hierarchy of needs, an SEO expert wont be able to formulate an effective SEO marketing campaign Bill Lentis.

Website Analytics

Even if a website is analyzed after a marketing campaign is executed, in order to better understand the current state of a website, both website analytics and intelligence should be used as the first step. The SEO expert would analyze the people who visit the website, and learn different facts about them like their age, gender and geographical location.

It is important to know if the current website is popular among the target audience, or if there are many web pages that dont receive many visitors.

Keywords & Optimizing Content

The second level of the pyramid is about optimizing keywords and optimizing content for a website. The challenge of optimizing the content is something that every website faces. Webmasters have to be absolutely clear about what the content of a website is, including the images and videos.

When doing keyword research for optimizing content, an analysis of the keywords that a brands competitor is using would be fruitful. Such competitive keywords would help in developing content, which would catch the attention of users. An SEO copywriter should always set goals for keywords, as in the kind of traffic he wants to achieve from them.

Site Structure & On-Page SEO

A website should have an information architecture, which provides support to its theme. A directory structure would make it possible for search engines and humans to find relevant content on a website. Similarly, the on-page elements of a website also support its content, help crawlers index web pages quickly. Such on-page elements include Meta title and Meta description, along with alt tags, robots.txt file and .htaccess file.

User Experience

When a user visits a website, they form an impression of the website, based on its design and visibility. When they a landing page, they look at the text font, the quality of images on the page and whether it is easy to navigate the site or not. If it is difficult to navigate a website, because of its design, then it is not optimized properly and that impacts the journey of a user.

If a website isnt designed according to the standards set by SEO, then the users impression of it will become a memory, and he wont visit the site again; this is something, no brand wants.

Link Building

This is an important step, where the web pages of a site are linked together. When a webmaster feels that the web pages of a site have valuable content, which can be linked to each other, then it is best to develop internal links. This would attract traffic and decrease the bounce rate of the site.